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Getting Staff on Board With The Budget

getting staff on board with the budget

Seminar Brief

The financial landscape for schools is currently a widely discussed topic, and SBLs must be adept at identifying and disseminating key financial information across different levels. Whether you're familiar with financial strategy or a novice in handling costs, budgets and accounts, this session will offer practical and insightful tips on managing the communication of INSET presentations, budget reports, budget delegation and budget setting processes. Attendees will emerge with a deeper understanding of presenting financial positions, enabling them to communicate financial information to staff and stakeholders confidently and effectively.

Kevin Parker Profile.PNG

Kevin Parker

In this seminar We will explore: 

•    How to effectively communicate financial information, including in              year updates to all staff
•    How to engage staff and stakeholders in budget relating matters
•    How to make staff accountable for their budget

Take home points:

•    Techniques for presenting financial positions and communicating                budget reports effectively
•    Strategies for engaging staff and stakeholders in budget-related                matters to foster transparency and accountability
•    Insights into enhancing financial literacy across your school                          community

This session is for:

senior finance business partner

About the speaker:

As a former chief finance officer, SBM, head of business and now senior finance business partner, Kevin has worked in a variety of roles and educational establishments. A finalist in a national ‘SBM of the Year’ award in 2021, Kevin is keen on making a positive difference within the education sector. As an authentic leader, he always remains true to his core beliefs and ensure all activities have an end purpose of benefiting pupils. He values engaging with all stakeholders, and has a particular passion for generating additional revenue, whether that be through various grant applications, or through networking and developing links with local and national businesses and charities.

SBLs and school staff with budget responsibility

This session can be attended at:
EdExec LIVE West Midlands
EdExec LIVE North

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