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Building an ICT strategy for the future

Seminar Brief

Technology is ever changing and advancing, causing a digital transformation in the education sector. The push to embrace new technologies and ICT practices is gaining momentum, presenting challenges in staying abreast of emerging trends and integrating them into existing ICT strategies. Join us as we discuss best practices and strategies for sourcing, implementing, and reviewing new technology to ensure your school stays ahead of the technological curve and maximises the benefits of your ICT resources effectively. We also ask
is technology a fundamental human need? And how can networks help you navigate the accelerating pace of change

Gary Henderson headshot.jpg

Gary Henderson

In this seminar Gary will explore:

•    The different stages of technology or digital strategy
•    Benefit, Risk and Impact: how to find the balance in your school.
•    What might the future look like for schools?

Director of IT, Millfield

Vice Chair of ISC Digital Advisory Group


Association of Network Managers in Education (ANME) Ambassador

Take home points:

•    Tips for digital strategy and deciding what is best for your school(s)
•    An insight into some of the future implications of technology on schools
•    Learn about the importance of networking and sharing, including some of the networks schools can draw upon

This session is for:

School Leaders, SBMs

About the speaker:

Gary is passionate about the potential of technology to impact positively on teaching and learning, and has led various technology projects as a teacher, middle and senior leader, and as an educational consultant. This has also led him to present at conferences in the UK, Europe and Middle East. He was named as a finalist in the EduFuturist Network Manager of the Year 2022 and in the Global EdTech Awards 2023, Most Impactful Senior Member of Staff category.
Leading the IT Services Team in Millfield in Somerset, his focus is on providing technology services which enable student learning, while AI, cyber security and digital citizenship are all subjects Gary is keenly interested in and issues he believes need to be more openly discussed in schools.

This session can be attended at:
EdExec LIVE South


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