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Procurement challenges and how to overcome them

Seminar Brief

Navigating procurement challenges is essential for School Business Leaders tasked with managing budgets and resources. Join us for a session where we dissect common procurement challenges and provide strategies for overcoming them. From complicated tender processes to rising prices, gain a comprehensive understanding of how to effectively navigate the procurement landscape. This session aims to equip you with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions and optimise procurement processes within your school.

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In this seminar Lorraine will explore: 

•    Budget Optimisation: Gain insights into strategies for optimising                    procurement processes to ensure budget efficiency
•    Risk Mitigation: Learn how to mitigate risks associated with                              procurement challenges and make informed decisions to protect your            school's resources
•   Getting Ahead of the Game: Understand what’s coming down the                   line in terms of the New Procurement Act 2023 and how to prepare for it

Take home points:

•    Strategies for navigating common procurement challenges, such as            complicated tender processes and rising prices
•    Techniques for optimising procurement processes to ensure budget          efficiency and resource allocation
•    Insights into mitigating risks associated with procurement challenges        and making informed procurement decisions

Lorraine Ashover

 Director, Minerva Procurement Consultancy Services Limited

About the speaker:

Fulfilling a long-standing ambition to be her own boss, Lorraine set up Minerva in 2010 in direct response to feedback from the school bursar community and helps schools reduce cost, streamline procurement practices, and save time. The company looks after many free, academy, MAT and maintained schools and manages significant spend on behalf of clients. Prior to setting up Minerva, Lorraine worked for Barclays Commercial for 20 years, the last seven of which were as an industry specialist in the education sector. 

This session is for:

Anyone involved in procurement in schools especially those working on ‘above threshold’ tenders.

This session can be attended at:
EdExec LIVE West Midlands

EdExec LIVE South
EdExec LIVE North

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