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AI unleashed: transforming the school business manager role in the digital era 

Seminar Brief

This seminar uncovers the potential impact of AI on the school business manager role and provides insights into leveraging AI applications for effective school management. Attendees will learn about various AI applications, enhancing decision-making with AI, and preparing for the future by embracing AI and staying ahead of the curve. 


Stephen Mitchell, owner, Keystone Knowledge.  

In this seminar Stephen Mitchell will explore:

About the speaker:

  • AI applications for school business management, including budgeting and resource allocation, human resources, and facilities management  

  • Enhancing decision-making with AI by using data-driven insights, predictive analytics, and optimization algorithms  

  • Preparing for the future by embracing AI, understanding its benefits and challenges, and fostering a growth mindset 

This session is for: All school business leaders, AI will affect everything we do in the future.

Take home points:

  • An understanding of the potential benefits and challenges of AI in school business management, and how it can transform daily operations and decision-making  

  • Strategies for incorporating AI tools into daily operations, including resource allocation, human resources, and facilities management 

  • The importance of fostering a growth mindset, staying informed about AI advancements, and preparing for the future by embracing new technologies 

Stephen is an experienced school business leader, having worked in the sector since 2011. He has worked as CFO, COO and CEO of a number of different trusts, and now runs Keystone Knowledge, an organisation which supports schools and trusts across the country in areas such as finance, HR, estates, health and safety, internal scrutiny, due diligence and growth, and governance. 

He talks regularly at national conferences about changes and challenges in the SBL role. He is a national lead SRMA Assessor, a CFO mentor, and wrote his MBA thesis about improving the quality of management in schools.   

With a background that ranges from being on the front line in disasters around the world (helping the survivors, not causing them!), developing award winning capacity building programmes in three continents for public sector organisations, through to moving into education in a single school and then working for one of the fastest growing and successful trusts in the country, and then ultimately setting up Keystone, Stephen’s workshops draw on practical life experiences, are grounded in reality and solution focussed. 

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