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Building links with businesses   

Seminar Brief

In a time where budgets are getting tighter, there has never been a better time for schools to build better links with businesses! As well as the financial gain that can come from this, building a link with a business provides the opportunity to market your school to families who may not know about what you do. It also allows you to tap into some commercial expertise that can enhance your school or MAT’s offering and create a real buzz amongst your pupils, staff and the local community.   


Kevin Parker, head of business at the Phoenix Learning Alliance (Gloucestershire)  

About the speaker:

In this seminar Kevin Parker will explore:

  • How to build links with local/national businesses   

  • The benefits of building these links   

  • How else you can raise your school/MAT profile  

Kevin Parker is currently the head of business at the Phoenix Learning Alliance in Gloucestershire. He has been an SBM since 2018 and was a finalist in the 2021 TES National School Business Manager of the Year Awards. He has generated additional revenue and had successful grant applications of over £250k during this time. Having recently gained a distinction in his L4 SBM Diploma, he is looking at starting his L7 in the near future.  

This seminar will look at real life examples of how Kevin built links with businesses across the country, and the benefit it has had at his schools, including financial gains and the positive impact that it’s had in the classroom for the pupils. To get you started, here is a question to think about: ‘What’s the worst thing that can happen, when you ask for help?’  

This session is for: SBMs and other school support staff  

Take home points:

  • Ways in which you can introduce your school/MAT to businesses  

  • What the benefits are from building these links  

  • How to market these benefits to raise your school/MAT profile   

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