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Building your governance team  

Seminar Brief

Building your governance team to support effective governance is vital in ensuring that boards are not only compliant but also add value.

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Fiona Stagg,

Independent Governance Professional

Former National Leader of Governance

About the speaker:

In this seminar Fiona STAGG will look at:

  • developing the right people around the table  

  • working with your governance professional  

  • why communications matter  

  • the importance of the local layer of governance  

  • building a team   

  • the role of self-evaluation  

Fee is an experienced governance professional and consultant working across both maintained and academy sectors. She is a chair of trustees in the East Midlands. Fee is an experienced clerk and external reviewer.  As a former national leader of governance, she supports schools across the country and is active on social media. Fee is I found a member of independent governor support (IGovs) a group of over 30 experienced chairs who offered coaching and mentoring support often free of charge.  Fee is also the author of ‘The Great Big Governance Glossary’.   

Take home points:

  • Signposts and toolkits 

  • Key questions to shape governance 

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