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Should I stay, or should I go? Navigating leadership challenges

Seminars brief

We all have good and bad days at work - but when those bad days are more frequent than the good, is it time to move on?  There are many factors which impact on your job satisfaction, particularly in a role such as an SBL. How do you know if the role, or school, are right for you? Can anything be done to improve your situation - or is it time to explore a new challenge and how can you be sure you are making the right decision, either to stay or to go? 
We are all unique and have our own dreams, values, expectations and career goals. One person’s dream can be another’s worst nightmare! The grass isn’t always greener, so taking a thoughtful approach can make the journey a smoother one. In this seminar – based on personal experience both positive and negative -Jo invites the audience to join in with discussions, and shares advice for analysing job satisfaction and making tough career decisions.

In this seminar Jo will explore:

•    How can job satisfaction be measured?
•    Who or what is at fault? How to identify what is wrong
•    How can you be sure your new role or school is right for you?

Take home points:

●    How you can measure job satisfaction, reflecting on values, expectations and career aims 
●   Strategies for taking control of your situation and making those tough decisions
●   Tips for applying for a new role and interview techniques

This session is for:


About the speaker:

Jo is an experienced school business leader who has worked for both Local Authority and Academy primary schools, as well as a maintained nursery. Having recently left a large MAT she is enjoying the challenge of a new SBL role, preparing the merger of 2 LA schools which will both be closing to form a new LA primary school in West Sussex. Keen to build on her experience and develop further in the profession, Jo is currently studying with The National College of Education on its Level 7 Post Graduate Diploma in School Leadership.

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