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Transforming supply teaching: How to fundamentally change absence in schools 

Seminar Brief

Join Michael Heverin, former senior leader, in this engaging seminar as he explores the current state of supply teaching in schools. He will discuss how power dynamics between traditional agencies and schools can lead to overcharging, teachers being taken advantage of and student outcomes negatively impacted. He will also explore how technology can provide a more equitable solution, with a data-led approach that allows school leaders to make more proactive choices. Finally, Michael will explain how investing in the continuity of your workforce can create a real and lasting difference. Don't miss this opportunity to discover how to fundamentally change absence in your schools and ultimately improve outcomes. 


Michael Heverin, CEO and co-founder of SupplyWell and former teacher and senior leader. 

In this seminar Michael Heverin will explore: 

  • Michael will discuss his experience in working in schools and how after leaving teaching and being on the outside looking in, he realised that teaching sits in a unique place between the public sector and being run like a business. They need to work differently because it’s unsustainable for educators and school budgets.     

  • Michael will explore and dispel the stereotype of supply in schools. Both good schools and challenging schools, all rely on supply - 2.2m teaching days are filled by supply teachers, it is reality. Unless we address reality, schools will continue to be overcharged, and teachers will be taken advantage of.   

  • During Michaels time working in schools he encountered an English class that had six different English teachers in one term. Consistency in the classroom is key to outcomes and that's why a flexible workforce can alleviate pressures that arise from teacher absence. SupplyWell has built a better way of doing things. We’re not here to make money, we’re making an impact. Our team consists of former teachers like Michael working in a tech space in order to make a much needed difference and build a better future for teachers, schools and students.  

About the speaker:

Michael Heverin worked as a teacher and senior leader for 13 years. He left teaching due to burnout as it was no longer a sustainable option for him. Michael knew that teacher wellbeing was crucial for the future of education and knew that many supply teachers were underpaid and under supported. Michael set out to change things for the better and created SupplyWell to build a fairer future for teachers, schools and students.

This session is for: SBMs and other members of senior leadership teams

Take home points:

  • Supply is broken but it’s not the school's fault. It’s down to unfair power dynamics in traditional agencies that cost money and deprive people of choice.  

  • Tech is a part of the solution, offering choice, a flexible workforce and opportunity is what makes a real and lasting difference. to schools, teachers and outcomes.  

  • Taking a proactive rather than reactive strategy to absence management and taking a data led approach allows better proactive choices to be made in schools. It's about investing in the continuity of your teaching workforce, not in the absence of it.  

  • Finally, we’re here, please come and chat if you’re interested in fundamentally changing absence. If you don’t believe us, try us and take part in our free trial. 

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