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Developing a robust IT strategy 

Seminar Brief

Schools and MATs invest a lot of time and money into IT resources, including devices, software and licenses. Yet few SBM’s feel their organisations have a robust strategy for the development and sustainable use of IT.  


In this seminar Neil Limbrick will explore:  

founder of the Education Collective, ambassador of the Association of Network Managers in Education (ANME) 

  • What is the purpose of an IT strategy. 

  • What should and should not be covered in an IT strategy. 

  • Who are the key people that should be involved

In this thought-provoking workshop, Neil will help you understand how to assess your IT provision, and how to focus on the areas that matter and will have the biggest impact in your school. 

This session is for: SBMs and other senior leaders in schools and MATs 

Take home points:

  • Gain tips and simple techniques to simplify how you think about developing an IT strategy. 

  • Develop an understanding of how your IT support teams tackle things and how to provide them with both challenge and support. 

  • Walk away with the confidence and knowledge to tackle an IT strategy for your setting. 

About the speaker:

Neil Limbrick has worked in education full time since November 2000. He has worked in a range of Schools and Multi-Academy Trusts and is now a full time IT Consultant and Partner at his own firm, Limbrick Consultancy LLP. He also sits on various committees including the Birmingham Association of School Business Management and is both Chair of the Sandwell SBM Network and an ambassador for the Association of Network Managers in Education (ANME).  

Under the guise of theEducationCollective, Neil supports a network of around 100 online communities supporting a range of education-based peer to peer groups such as governing bodies, MATs, teaching school alliances, headteacher consortiums and commercial software user groups. In total, this equates to around 10,000 users, but it is the 5000 SBMs in the 40 or so local, regional and specialist national networks that Neil devotes much of his spare time supporting. It is for this work that he was honoured with a fellowship by ISBL in 2015. 

Neil is passionate about the use of IT to support all aspects of school life, especially communication. 

Neil Limbrick FISBL, partner and IT consultant, Limbrick Consultancy LLP,

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