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Get the best out of your Governing Board and working relationships with governors

Seminar Brief

We all have to report to Governors, whether this is face to face or individually, through our written reports or when presenting to the Board.  For some, this can feel overwhelming because we are unsure what is expected and have a fear of being asked questions we cannot answer. This can lead to us feeling stressed and inadequate. This seminar seeks to instil confidence and equip SBLs with the tools needed to foster strong working relationships with governors.

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Rebecca Cunliffe

In this seminar rebecca will explore: 

•  How to form good working relationships with key Governors, i.e.      the Chair and the Chair of the Finance Committee
•  What the role of the Governing Board is and how can we                  support them to be more efficient
•  How to develop your presentation and reporting skills and                feel confident when doing so

•  We will discuss how different Governing Boards work and                 discuss ways you can influence changes in how they challenge          and support you as a School Leader.


This is an interactive workshop where you will be asked to contribute to discussion and encouraged to ask questions about your own context and the challenges you face.  

School Business Leader

About the speaker

Rebecca is an SBL currently working in a large junior school in Lancashire.  She has been an SBL since 2004 and has worked in multiple primary schools.  Prior to working in schools, she was an HR Manager in a large manufacturing company.  Rebecca is a committee member for LASBM and regularly presents to their members on a range of topics affecting SBLs.  In addition to her full-time role as an SBL, Rebecca is also a clerk to Governing Boards in schools ranging from small primary schools with less than 100 pupils, to large secondary schools with over 1,0000 and a special school.  Recently Rebecca has written articles for Education Executive including; how to plan your budget, shared parental leave and preparing for an Ofsted Inspection.

Take home points:

•    Learn strategies that you can take back to your setting to share with          other school leaders to influence changes to your Governing Board          and to improve the effectiveness of the Board meetings.
•    Practical ways to build relationships with Governors, develop better          communication outside formal meetings and improve Governors              understanding of the role of the SBL.
•    Develop personal strategies to help you to step into your Governor         meetings feeling prepared, confident and ready to face anything

This session is for:

School Business Leaders and school support staff

This session can be attended at:

EdExec LIVE South

EdExec LIVE North

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