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How To Become More Strategic as an SBL

Seminar Brief

In this session, we hit pause and take a moment for reflection. What does it truly mean to be strategic? How can it benefit you as an SBL and what does that mean for your school? The session will look at what happens when the SBL is an integrated part of the leadership team and share how you can take steps to change from being seen as the person who “does” to the person who leads. It will help you reflect on where you are on the journey and how you might take the next step. It will be delivered by a trusted source who has been there, done that and knows exactly how you feel!

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Emma Dalziel

In this seminar Emma will explore:

  • •    Effective integration into the school leadership team
    •    Reflecting on the journey and how to plan next steps
    •    The impact of opening up the SLT to non-pedagogical staff

School Business Leader

*At EEL South Emma will be joined by a special guest (SLT Member): George Pullen who is the Assistant Headteacher 

What You'll Leave Knowing

  • •   Feel confident and motivated in your leadership qualities
    •    How to approach your role and tasks strategically
    •    Go from being a ‘doer’ to being a leader

This session is for:

Aspiring SBM/Ls and SBM/Ls wanting to move into a position of leadership

About the speaker:

Emma is an experienced school business leader. She currently works in a 1FE LA maintained school in the south of England. Emma is a strong advocate of SBLs being a part of the Leadership Team in schools. Emma set up a locality SBM group, which supports local SBLs to share ideas and best practice.

This session can be attended at:
EdExec LIVE South
EdExec West Midlands

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