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How school business managers can learn to ‘take care of the person in the role’ 

Seminar Brief

The session will offer school business managers the time and space to reflect on their own personal strategies for thriving in their roles. The session will consider what it means to ‘Take care of the person in the role’ and actively meet individual emotional, mental and vocational needs. Viv will discuss how delegates can maintain a deep connection with their core values and make decisions that are more aligned to who they are and who they want to be. 


Viv Grant, director, Integrity Coaching 

About the speaker:

In this seminar Viv Grant will explore:  

  • How to increase levels of emotional resilience. 

  • Ways to re-discover joy and passion for the profession. 

  • Tips to maximise feelings of professional satisfaction and fulfilment. 

This session is for: School business leaders and other school leaders 

Take home points:

  • A heightened level of self-awareness, self-management and ability to cope more effectively with the stresses of the role. 

  • The ability to make decisions that are more aligned to who you are and who you want to be. 

  • A crucial reminder about focusing, developing and valuing yourself. 

Viv Grant is an executive coach, author and public speaker. She is the director of Integrity Coaching, London’s leading provider of coaching services for headteachers and senior school leaders. Viv has been in the teaching profession for over 30 years. When she was just 31 and expecting her first child, she was appointed as one of the youngest heads in the country to turn around a failing primary school. It was because of her experiences as a head, that Viv developed a deep interest in approaches for supporting the emotional and psychological wellbeing of school leaders. As an executive coach, Viv now works extensively with school leaders, helping them to overcome the challenges of their roles, so that they are able to maintain their humanity, joy and love for the profession and the communities they serve. 

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