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Making the Move from Local Authority to Academy or MAT

Seminar Brief

Is your school considering transitioning to a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT)? Whether you're at the planning stage or just seeking information on joining or establishing a multi-academy trust, this session offers valuable insights on what that journey may look like. Discover how to initiate the process, where to access essential information, what questions to ask, and the potential benefits for your pupils, staff, and community. For SBLs contemplating a transition from a single school to a central MAT position, we look at how you can prepare and provide insights into how you can transition between roles more seamlessly, empowering you to confidently explore new career opportunities.

Deb Beazer Photo Headshot.jpg

Debbie Beazer

In this seminar Debbie will explore: 

•    Finding or creating a place that supports your vision and values
•    Change management, challenges and building the team
•    Fear busting, the future and the lessons learnt.

Take home points:

•    Knowledge, ideas and strategies to ensure the best outcomes for you        and your school
•    Confidence to lead your school or a group of schools into an existing        or new MAT
•    Career development for SBLs in MATs

This session is for:

SBPs in LA schools looking for new roles in the academy sector and/or SBPs in schools exploring academy conversion.

Head of business operations, The Leaf Trust

About the speaker:

Debbie has worked in Education for 25 years as a school business professional and qualified in CIPFA Level 7 Financial & Operational Leadership in 2019. In 2022 Debbie played a pivotal role in the conversion and set up of 13 primary schools, one of which where she had been the school business leader for 22 years. The Leaf Trust opened in September 2023 and Debbie was promoted to head of business operations where she now leads a team of six central staff and the business staff and functions across the Trust. Debbie is committed to promoting and developing the role of the School Business Professional and in 2017 founded the South Gloucestershire School Business Leaders’ Group. Debbie continues to Chair this network which provides a platform to share ideas, provide support, improve practice and business functions for schools across the County. As an ISBL Fellow and Trustee, Debbie continues to develop her own practice and invest in her own professional development. In November 2019 Debbie was awarded the ISBL CEO Award for her Exceptional Contribution to School Business Leadership.

This session can be attended at:

EdExec LIVE West Midlands

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