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Making the Move – Local Authority to Academy

Seminar Brief

Is your school contemplating a transition to a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT)? Join us for a session packed with valuable insights tailored for School Business Managers. Learn how to initiate the process, access essential information, and uncover the potential benefits for your school community. For those considering a shift from a school to a MAT position, we provide a detailed breakdown of the differences, empowering you to confidently explore new career horizons.


why should you attend?  

  • Insightful Guidance: Gain valuable insights into the transition process, equipping you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions for your school's future.

  • Career Empowerment: Explore opportunities for career advancement within the MAT structure, empowering you to confidently navigate new career pathways.

What You'll Leave Knowing

  • How to initiate the transition process and access essential information.

  • The potential benefits of joining a Multi-Academy Trust for your school community.

  • Insights into transitioning between roles, empowering you to explore new career opportunities with confidence.

About the speaker:

To follow

This session is for: SBMs, headteachers, and other support staff 

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