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Managing your Premises as a Business Manager

Seminar Brief

The role of Business Manager is getting busier and busier so let us take some time to look at how you can simplify your premises management and ensure you remain safe, compliant and provide a great learning environment for the children. 

Mr Burton - Business Manager.jpg

In this seminar Phil will explore:

Trust primary business manager

Phil burton

•    The people you need to operate your building, and 
      their skill set and 

•    The systems that can be used to support building 

•    Creating your building development strategy using DfE tools

About the speaker:

Take home points:

•     Insights into H&S compliance management
•     Ensuring compliance with estate management


A regular presenter at these events, Phil is a Trust Primary Business Manager looking after several schools. Phil has a broad range of experience across multiple disciplines including HR, H&S, estates, marketing and more. 

This session is for:

Business Managers / Governors

This session can be attended at:
EdExec LIVE West Midlands

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