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Professional Development: Career Pathways for School Business Professionals

Seminar Brief

This session will focus on membership benefits, career pathways, self-assessment and professional accreditation available through ISBL.

In this seminar we will explore:

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•    The importance of professional development for SBPs
•    Utilising the ISBL professional standards, self-assessment tool and                    accreditation process.
•    Generalist and specialist career and qualification pathways

Take home points:

•    The benefits of being a member of a professional body such as ISBL.
•    The importance of professional development for SBPs.
•    Professional development and career pathway opportunities available        for SBPs.

Lee Herridge

Stephen Morales

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Head of Professional Development

Chief Executive

About the speakers:

This session is for:

SBPs and other school support staff from entry through to executive level

EdExec LIVE South

EdExec LIVE West Midlands

Lee has been with ISBL for over two years and has led the revision of the Professional Standards and has introduced new self-assessment and accreditation processes.  Prior to joining ISBL, Lee worked for 13 years in education, teaching and leading Business and Economics in the secondary and FE sectors.  Lee holds a level 4 Diploma in School Business Management and is currently studying a level 7 Apprenticeship in Senior People Professional Learning & Development.

Stephen has a 20-year career history in operations and finance, working at a senior level in the public and private sectors, both in the UK and abroad.

Stephen presided over the development and implementation of nationally recognised school business leadership professional standards and led the transition from the National Association of School Business Management to the Institute of School Business Leadership.

Stephen works closely with the Department for Education in areas of policy reform, and his commitment to research to aid our self-improving system includes ongoing engagement with international jurisdictions including Australia, Europe, the Middle East and the US.

This session can be attended at:

EdExec LIVE South
EdExec LIVE West Midlands

EdExec LIVE North

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