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Supporting your whole school in riding the Ofsted inspection wave!

Seminar Brief

There is no doubt that whilst the high stakes nature of inspection persists, schools and those who work within schools will view them as intensely stressful. However, there are leadership tools that can be drawn on to help smooth the inspection wave and prevent staff from being overwhelmed.

In this seminar 

Andy will explore: • What leadership skills and tools school leaders can draw on to create a whole school culture to be the best version of themselves during inspection • How this culture can be embedded across the school long term to create an effective and sustainable learning environment • What SBLs can practically do to support Head/SLT during an inspection process • How to engage those staff in non child facing roles to develop their sense of purpose in contributing to an effective outcome • How the inspection week can be managed to ensure that all staff not just survive but thrive This will be an interactive workshop exploring some of the tools as discussed, drawing on Andy’s 10 previous inspections - the last of which saw the school move from requires improvement to outstanding.

Take home points:

•    Understand how SBLs can support their Head during inspections •    Take away tried and tested tools which have been successful in some of the most challenging contexts •    Take home tips about how to manage the week of inspection ensuring that all staff are able to fully contribute to a successful outcome.

•     Learn how to support staff to ensure they are the best version of their professional selves

Andy Mellor

This session is for:

all staff in leadership roles in schools

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