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Quick fix: Networking

Seminar Brief

Facilitating SBL networking has always been one of the key objectives of our EdExec events. We carefully design our event programs to provide as many opportunities for you as possible to expand your professional circle and strengthen connections within the SBL community.

However, we also understand that networking can sometimes feel daunting. Whether you're feeling hesitant about reaching out or simply eager to broaden your network without the pressure of small talk and hovering near the refreshment table, we have something extra special in store for you.

To make networking a bit less scary and lot more enjoyable, we've carved out a dedicated slot at the beginning of the lunch break. Join Laura and your fellow SBLs for cake and conversation, where the only agenda is to connect with like-minded professionals and foster valuable connections that can enhance your professional growth


Laura Williams

School Business Leadership Coach & EdExec Editor

About the speaker:

This session is for:

School Business Leaders who are ready to be 10% braver and need a little help!

Laura Williams is an SBL Coach, Trainer and SBL Champion with two decades of leadership experience in the education sector. She is also the Executive Editor of EdExec! As a former COO, CFO and School Business Manager with CIPD and CIPFA qualifications, Laura knows the needs and demands of the SBL role inside and out. She has supported other SBLs since 2016 with her no-nonsense, practical and interactive methods, through masterclasses, support sessions and coaching as well as presenting at conferences and writing for education publications. Besides coaching, Laura delivers bespoke school and group training, runs the SBL Coaching Community that offers year-round affordable support and hosts the School Business Leadership podcast. 

This session can be attended at:
EdExec LIVE West Midlands

EdExec LIVE South
EdExec LIVE North

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