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Rebooting recruitment – a smarter way

Seminar Brief

The words ‘crisis’ and ‘nightmare’ are banded around everywhere when we start talking about our school recruitment challenges. But it needn’t be like this! This seminar is designed to give you some strategies and actions you can introduce in your school straight away. We will look at real life examples of schools who are tackling this issue effectively and also take a look outside of education to see if we can learn from others. This seminar will cover recruitment of staff and pupil admissions too. 


Justin Smith, managing director, Chameleon Consultancy and Training

About the speaker:

In this seminar Justin Smith will explore:  

  • What we’re doing wrong and why 

  • What other organisations are doing to solve this problem 

  • How we can introduce changes and the difference they will make 

This session is for: school business leaders, headteachers and governors.

Take home points:

  • Reclaim time and effort with easy win solutions 

  • Recruit better with creative and appealing campaigns 

  • Recognise what makes your school different 

Following a career spent in private sector business development and marketing, Justin moved into the education sector over 20 years ago and has worked as a senior leader in three large secondary schools in Suffolk and Norfolk. 

In 2017 Justin established his own business, Chameleon Consultancy and Training, designed to provide specialist marketing, income generation and bid writing services to the education sector. 

A vastly experienced bid writer, Justin has secured over £8m in additional income for schools, from a variety of sources including conventional grants and trust funds, commercial sponsorship and donations.  

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