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Steps to improving your school food offer 

Seminar Brief

Improving your school food offer can feel like a challenging task. With the rising cost of food and energy, making changes to your current provision can seem overwhelming. The charity Chefs in Schools has worked with schools of all sizes, with and without catering kitchens, with in-house provision, and with catered provision. They’ve seen success stories across all these scenarios and will share with you the practical steps on a journey towards improved school food.


Laura Mumford, head of training, Chefs in Schools 

About the speaker:

In this seminar Laura Mumford will explore:  

  • Successful models for improved school food provision 

  • Top tips for bringing school food catering in-house 

  • The key financials to be aware of 

  • The key legislation to be aware of 

  • The steps to improving your school food offer 

Laura is a social entrepreneur and training professional who has developed and led award winning training programmes and social businesses. She has extensive experience of designing and delivering face to face, digital and remote training programmes to a broad range of audiences. In her current role as head of training at Chefs in Schools, she’s joining her two passions - incredible food and excellent training! Laura is currently taking the charity’s School Chef training programme nationwide.  

This will be an interactive session, highlighting great case studies and practical takeaways, alongside delegate discussions. Chefs in Schools believe better is possible and you should walk away from this seminar feeling uplifted, inspired and armed with the next steps for improving your school food offer.  

This session is for: SBM, headteachers, and other support staff 

Take home points:

  • Understand the different models of school food provision that could work for your school 

  • Increased awareness of the financial and legislative considerations 

  • Take away practical steps for reviewing and improving the food offer in your school  

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