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Sustainability made simple(r)

Seminar Brief

Join us for a seminar focusing on the vital role of climate action within education. Discover the compelling business case for adopting sustainable practices, understand their numerous benefits, and learn practical strategies for implementation. This session aims to empower schools to take meaningful steps toward environmental stewardship, ensuring a healthier planet for future generations while optimizing operational efficiency and fostering a positive community reputation.

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In this seminar We will explore: 

Paul Edmond

Julie Rowlandson

chief finance and sustainability officer

HEART Academies Trust


sustainability officer

 St Barts Academy Trust

•.  Understand how sustainability can support your budget, people       strategy, estates strategy and enhance the school's reputation
•   Practical steps for reducing energy and water consumption               and incorporating renewable energy sources into operations
•. Sustainable Procurement: choosing environmentally friendly             products and services that support local economies and reduce       carbon footprint

Take home points:

EdExec LIVE South

EdExec LIVE West Midlands

•    Guidance to develop your Climate Action Plan, set achievable           sustainability goals and track progress
•    Signposts for assessment tools, organisations, and funding that        can support schools in their cli
mate action initiatives
•    Tips for involving students, staff, and the wider community in            sustainability efforts, enhancing educational outcomes and                fostering a collective sense of responsibility 

This session is for:

CFO, COO, School Business Manager, Operations teams

About the speakerS:

Paul Edmond is the chief finance and sustainability officer at HEART Academies Trust, Bedford, and a trustee for the Diamond Learning Partnership Trust. At HEART he leads the Climate and Sustainability team, a role created following a review of the trust’s priorities and aspirations. In 2022 he also accepted the role of co-chair of the new UK School Sustainability Network (UKSSN) Operations group, a national network of schools and Trusts working to help people working in education navigate a way to a more sustainable future. 

Julie Rowlandson is Sustainability officer at St Bart’s academy trust, a large West Midlands based MAT, situated across four local authorities. She is responsible for and passionate about embedding sustainability in all areas of the organisation, both educationally and operationally.

Julie has a background in education as a teacher, environmental educator, forest school leader and head teacher. She is currently working towards Practitioner accreditation with the Institute of Environmental Management.

This session can be attended at:
EdExec LIVE South

EdExec LIVE West Midlands
EdExec LIVE North

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