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The key to productivity

Seminar Brief

We know what we need to do but why don’t we do it? In this seminar session, school business managers will learn the key principles for maximising productivity in their roles. Topics covered will include time management, delegation and effective communication. Delegates will come away with actionable strategies to improve efficiency and drive success in their schools.


Laura Williams, 

school leadership coach

In this seminar Laura williams will explore:  

About the speaker:

  • Explore what stops us from being productive and causes us to feel overwhelmed

  • Dig into the reasons why we don’t do what we know we should (say no, switch off emails etc.)

  • Share super practical strategies that can be implemented immediately to help you be more productive and take control of your workload

This session is for: School business managers and anyone who, upon reading this seminar description, feels like this session may have been written for them! All are welcome.

With over 15 years of leadership experience in the education sector, Laura is a school leadership coach and trainer working with SBLs, Headteachers and CEOs. She also hosts the School Business Leadership podcast, runs the SBL Coaching Community and writes blogs whilst eating chocolate. A former COO, CFO and Business Manager with CIPD and specialist CIPFA qualifications, she is a school business leadership expert and champion of SBLs everywhere. In her spare time she enjoys watching questionable TV shows and making lists.

Take home points:

  • Learn the one thing you need to do every single day without fail that will help you be more productive

  • Practical systems you can apply with ease to help you both protect your time and prioritise

  • Tips on how to deal with imposter syndrome, perfectionism and procrastination

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