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The SBM'S guide to buying IT for less 

Seminar Brief

IT is one of the most complex, volatile categories that schools need to navigate and it’s been hit by a perfect storm that built during 2022 and shows no sign of slowing down in 2023. In this session, Ian Nethercot, who manages annual budgets of c.£35m, shares challenges and key learnings and explains why you may not be getting the deals you think you are and how to make simple changes in your procurement process to ensure best value and robust deals.


Ian Nethercot, supply chain director, Probrand 

In this seminar Ian Nethercot will explore:  

  • An overview of the IT procurement market and impactors to be aware of.

  • Top tips to beat the IT suppliers at their own game.

  • Insights from his 20 years of experience.

This session is for: School business managers and IT buyers

Take home points:

About the speaker:

Ian Nethercot MCIPS, has spent 20 years in procurement roles and now sits commanding an IT budget of c.£35m per annum. Ian offers depth of experience and knowledge, operating in one of the largest and most volatile in-direct categories that is IT. He has spent his career putting digital first, and he brings all the key learnings of driving innovation and implementing disruptive procurement technologies. 

  • Understand the various factors affecting IT procurement 

  • Learn how to get the IT that you need at the right price   

  • Tricks of the trade specific to the Education sector 

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