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Think you know paper!
The master class that will save you money, time and trees!

Seminar Brief

We’re here to share our experience and expertise to educate the educators in the business of paper!

For the last few years the paper discussions in schools has been a rollercoaster of a ride! From price rises, stock supply shortages and a huge reductions in suppliers, to sustainability and quality issues. It’s been a time of intense change, and as paper experts we have learnt that the more a school knows about the paper supply chain and the paper industry, the more able they are to save their school, time, money and headaches!

Join us in this seminar as we dive into the wonderful world of paper, with a quick fix, no nonsense overview. We’re ready to help SBMs gain a greater understanding of the paper industry to help them make more informed purchasing decisions.

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Steve Tinniswood, Educational Division Manger

In this seminar Steve Tinniswood will explore:  

About the speaker:

Steve Tinniswood, 33 years working for the EBB Group in the paper sector with vast experience both in the lithographic, digital and cut size paper arena. The last 10 years at EBB group, Steve has been in charge of the division that specialises with the education sector nationally.

  • An education in paper

  •  How to reduce paper cost without reducing cost of the paper

  • Recycled vs non recycled

  • Strategies on how to save school budgets and the planet at the same time

This session is for: SBMs, Finance managers and office admin team.

Take home points:

  • Learn about the background of paper and what the future holds.

  • Gain a greater understanding of why paper prices have been rising.

  • Tips to save schools money and save the planet.

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