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Public Speaking Workshop

Seminar Brief

Unlock the power of public speaking with an engaging workshop led by Laura Williams. Join us to gain practical tips and hands-on training to build confidence and develop valuable presentation skills for your SBL toolkit. From scripting and preparation to incorporating humour and leveraging feedback, this session will equip you with the skills needed to lead training sessions, engage with peers, and confidently contribute to meetings.


why should you attend?  

  • Skill Enhancement: Enhance your public speaking skills with practical tips and hands-on training, empowering you to effectively communicate and engage with your audience.

  • Confidence Building: Gain confidence in your ability to articulate ideas and present information, ensuring you can contribute confidently in various professional settings.

What You'll Leave Knowing

  • Practical tips and techniques for scripting, preparing, and delivering impactful presentations.

  • Skills for incorporating humour and leveraging feedback to enhance your public speaking effectiveness.

  • Confidence in your ability to lead training sessions, engage with peers, and contribute confidently in meetings.

About the speaker:

To follow

This session is for: SBMs, headteachers, and other support staff 

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