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Unleash your inner efficiency superhero: Mastering systems and processes

Seminar Brief

In the world of school business leadership, the challenges are as formidable as any supervillain. From the labyrinth of financial management to the cosmic complexities of regulatory compliance, every day is a battle for balance and efficiency. With the ever-looming threat of budget constraints and shifting priorities, it's a constant struggle to keep the school's operations from spiralling into chaos.
But like any true superhero, the school business manager rises to the challenge, armed with the power of organisation and a relentless drive for productivity. In this seminar, discover how to overcome obstacles and ensure that the gears of the school machine keep turning.

In this seminar Bal will explore: 

Bal Bains

 School Business Manager

About the speaker:

Bal Bains headshot-modified.jpeg

•    The complexity of SBL responsibilities and the diversity of the role
•    How SBLs are lifelong learners whether they know it or not and how          to  harness this
•    Acknowledging your skills and the value you add and staying true to          that


Take home points:

•    Planning, Preparing, Organising - tips, tricks and templates
•    The importance of effective communication in efficiency, productivity        and organisation
•    How to capture the indomitable spirit, resilience and determination            of the SBL

Bal Bains is a relative newcomer to the education sector, having previously worked in regional government in London. She brings with her a wealth of experience planning and delivering strategic projects, designing operational efficiency and aligning business priorities. A lifelong learner who is passionate about innovation, personal and professional growth and harnessing the unique ways in which each of us impacts the people around us and the wider world.

This session is for:

SBMs, school support staff, anyone that wants to get a better handle juggling workload and priorities

This session can be attended at:
EdExec LIVE West Midlands
EdExec LIVE North

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