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Unpacking the mental health and wellbeing of School Business Leader’s in 2024

Seminar Brief

The collective efforts of School Business Leaders not only ensure that the seamless day-to-day operations within a school run smoothly but also contribute to the overall success and growth of the educational setting that they serve. Prioritising and sharing enhancements to their mental health and wellbeing is imperative. In line with our continued dedication to the education sector, Education Mutual is thrilled to unveil the release of the annual report for 2024 - School Business Leader Wellbeing Index 2024.

In this seminar JORDAN AND Russell will explore:

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Membership Advocate at Education Mutual

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Russell Dalton

school operations advisor and

SBL mentor and coach

•    An overview of the key findings from this year’s research,              alongside a comparison against the previous year’s results
•    Key themes and trends emerging from the research data,           faced by school business leaders, across different types of           schools or regions, and the effectiveness of existing support        systems and resources
•   Recommendations and considerations for improving the             mental health and wellbeing of school business leaders.

About the speakers:

Take home points:

•    Develop strategies to support the mental health of your              colleagues back in school
•    Identify the barriers for not using workplace mental health           and wellbeing services
•    Recommend the most beneficial mental health and                      wellbeing services to your staff

Russell became a School Business Manager in 2005 after a full career in the Army. After leaving the Army he worked at a large high school in Worcestershire and, along with his business team, supported several primary schools. He then moved to become chief operating officer for a 12 school MAT and then subsequently became the director of operations at a 16 school MAT. He helped form the local Business Management Network in Worcestershire, which he proudly chairs. He had the privilege of being nominated for the SBM of the year in 2011, where he was runner up. Russell regularly works in an advisory capacity at both local and national level and is an avid advocate for collaborative working.

Jordan Stebbings is a dedicated membership advocate for Education Mutual, an ethical alternative to staff absence insurance for schools and trusts.

With a keen eye for innovation within the education sector, Jordan works tirelessly to promote the values of the UK’s largest member-owned provider of staff absence protection. His efforts are focused on providing schools, single academies and multi-academy trusts with the knowledge and information to navigate the complexities of staff absence management effectively.

Jordan is passionate about empowering educators and educational institutions to thrive in an environment that prioritises the health and wellbeing of their education staff. Jordan is known for his innovative approach to addressing challenges within the education sector. He is constantly seeking out new ideas and strategies to enhance the quality of staff absence management.





This session is for:

SBMs, SBLs, headteachers, trustees

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This session can be attended at:

EdExec LIVE South

EdExec LIVE West Midlands

EdExec LIVE North

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