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What value would you put on your time?

Seminar Brief

In 2022, the Harvard Business Review looked at the time 137 users in mid- or back-office roles (like HR, recruiting, and finance) spent toggling between tasks on their computers/laptops. They found that employees spent just under 4 hours each week reorienting themselves after switching to a new application, which adds up to 9% of their annual time at work.

Think of this as your standard 37 hour week – you’re wasting pretty much an entire morning flicking between different programmes! How much more could you achieve if you could use those hours effectively?


Though these results were from users at three Fortune 500 companies, there’s so much relevance to school and MAT central team functions that we can’t ignore! How many systems do you have in play for a single task? Take recruitment - you might have one application that generates adverts and receives applications, another to track applicants, a HR portal to add successful candidates too, and that’s all before you’ve got new starters set up and running with Payroll and training. Woah!

Growing MATs need connected systems to run both efficiently and profitably. And it’s the rich, value-add of having everything communicating effectively from a single, central place that we’ll be exploring at EdExec Live 2024!


Matt Brown, Sales Manager, Every by IRIS

About the speaker:

Matt Brown is passionate about enabling the Every by IRIS sales team to support schools and MATs to a new way of managing HR functions. Drawing upon over 20 years’ managerial experience, he knows first-hand just how important effective HR procedures, processes, and software are to the performance of an organisation. Day-to-day, Matt helps schools and MATs to use Every HR as an enabler for data-led decisions that promote a proactive, value-added HR service. He draws upon his own management tenure to equip the Every by IRIS sales team with the tools and support they need to thrive. 

Speaking at EE NORTH 

In this seminar Matt Brown will explore:  

  • The time you use productively VS the time you’ve got available

  • The rich opportunities schools and MATs have to consolidate central systems

  • Case studies of how connectivity has transformed traditionally transactional services to value-added resources for some of the nation’s MATs

  • Why connective scalability is key for successful MAT growth and performance.


The seminar will be interactive, with Matt posing questions to get you thinking and self-reflecting. You’ll spend time actively considering how efficient your internal processes currently are and comparing these to how efficient they could be.

We know that the activities different central school and MAT teams carry out daily are similar. But we also see day-in, day-out, that it’s how they’re carried out that differentiates good from best practice.

Matt will encourage delegates to share any positive changes their organisations have made to connect information more centrally, helping others to pin-point ways in which their organisation can do the same.

Mitch Headshot.jpeg

Mitch Roberts, Regional Consultant, Every by IRIS

Speaking at EE SOUTH

About the speaker:

Mitch supports schools and MATs to create and improve efficiencies within their internal operations as part of his Regional Consultant role at Every by IRIS. Having worked in the sector since 2008, he understands first-hand the positive impact that robust and intuitive systems can have on an organisation’s internal operations. He’s enthusiastic about empowering schools and MATs with software that enable data-led decisions, promoting proactive, value-added HR and compliance services.

This session is for: CEOs, Headteachers, Central Teams, SBMs, and 

HR Directors.

Take home points:

  • How your time-usage is influencing both your professional and personal achievements!

  • How to evaluate the effectiveness of current central team functions in your school or MAT and why uniting systems needs to be a #1 priority

  • Inspiration to make changes to maximise your organisation’s internal efficiencies, and 3 ways to get started!

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