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Working smarter not harder – tackling the time thieves!

Seminar Brief

Our working days in school are absolutely full on, rarely do we get the opportunity to stop, reflect and think differently. In this session Justin will suggest ways we can ‘repurpose our time’, taking a look at how we can best use our time – practical techniques and real-life examples that we can apply to our working day in school, helping us feel a little more in control of our day. This is a practical, fun session where we share the theory and then the practical solutions to common problems we all face.  

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In this seminar Justin will explore: 

Justin Smith

•    Who are our time thieves at work and what do they do?
•    Interruptions, procrastination, negativity…how do we tackle these?
•    How do other professions tackle this? What realistically can we do?

About the speaker:

Managing Director, Chameleon Consultancy and Training

Take home points:

•    Practical, real-life solutions to try out at work
•    New understanding of why people act this way
•    How we can challenge our own behaviour and responses

This session is for:

All of us working in schools!

Following a career spent in private sector business development and marketing, Justin moved into the education sector over 20 years ago and has worked as a senior leader in 3 large secondary schools in East Anglia.
In 2017 Justin established his own business, Chameleon Consultancy and Training, designed to provide specialist marketing, income generation and bid writing services to the education sector.
Justin is an assessor with Best Practice Network, assessing school leaders for the School Business Professional Apprenticeship and the Diploma in School Business Management.
Justin was awarded the Guardian/ISBL Marketing Award and is a Fellow of the Institute of School Business Leadership.

This session can be attended at:
EdExec LIVE South

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