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Driving growth through good governance

Seminar Brief

As the academisation process continues to grow across the UK, creating ‘strong trusts’ for each local area and region has now become high on the agenda and brings new challenges to the sector. Published author of the best seller ‘My School #Governance Handbook’, Al Kingsley, discusses how governance plays an integral part towards any school growth process and takes a deeper dive at how specifically local authority and academy governors and trustees can support their growth strategies.


Al Kingsley, group CEO, NetSupport

About the speaker:

In this seminar Al Kingsley will explore:  

  • The changing school landscape across England 

  • How local authority and academy governors and MAT trustees can support their growth strategies 

  • The drivers for growth and opportunities for schools and MATS 

This session is for: SBLs, trustees and governors   

Take home points:

  • Identifying the different pathways for school or trust growth 

  • A checklist for when undertaking a review of risk and opportunity 

  • Key leadership and governance questions when shaping your growth strategy 

Al is Group CEO of NetSupport, chair of a Multi-Academy Trust and of an Alternative Provision Academy. As well as his CEO and chair roles, Al is chair of his region’s Governors' Leadership Group and also chairs the region’s SEND Board. With 20+ years of governance experience, Al also sits on the Regional Schools Directors Advisory Board for the East of England. He is a FED co-chair, chair of the BESA EdTech Group and chairs his regional Employment and Skills Board. He’s a well-known face in EdTech around the world; author of ‘My Secret #EdTech Diary’ and the best seller ‘My School Governance Handbook’, as well as co-author of ‘A Guide to Creating a Digital Strategy in Education’. Al writes and speaks internationally on the effective use of educational technology and is a Forbes Technology council member. He continues to support schools and EdTech vendors with consulting and mentoring – as well as writing for the wider education community and speaking at events.

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